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6 weeks SnapShot

1st 6 Weeks SnapShot

Things to do daily:                                                                     

 – read with your child                                                                          

- check their folder                                                                           

- check remind for messages or updates                                             

Sight Words:                                                                                           

I          see          it          to          the                                                                

is         am          me        and       can                                                                

Dates to Remember:                                                                               

August 21: Parent Night Meeting

August 30: Red Day! (wear red)

September 3: Labor Day (No School)

September 6: Orange Day! (wear orange)

September 13: Yellow Day! (wear yellow)

September 20: Green Day! (wear green)

September 27: Blue Day! (wear blue)

September 28: 1st 6 Weeks Ends

Students will be able to: 

  • Write their name
  • Name the letters in their name
  • Identify words that rhyme and don’t rhyme
  • Count the words in a sentence
  • Trace their name with the correct letter formation
  • Match uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Identify the difference between a letter and a word
  • Identify and know the sound of letters (Tt, Ii, Pp, Nn, Ss, Aa, Ll, Dd, Ff, Hh)
  • Show and write numbers 0-5
  • Count forward and backwards from 5
  • Recognize when numbers are greater, less, or the same
  • Match a number (0-5) to a set of objects
  • Count to 30
  • Tell about the rules of the class
  • Participate in the pledge and the moment of silence
  • Name an authority figure at home and at school
  • Identify rules at home
  • Identify 11 basic colors (pink, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, brown, black, white, gray)
  • Identify four basic shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle)
  • Identify what can be recycled (paper, glass, metal, plastic)
  • Identify objects that are heavy & light
  • Order objects by size (smallest-largest)