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Kindergarten Information

Friona Primary - Kindergarten

7:45 – 8:05 Breakfast        11:10 – 11:35 Lunch         3:20 – Dismissal

Parking:                       Please park in front of the Junior High gym and auditorium at times when you need to come into the school building.   Please do not park at any time in the staff parking lot due to limited parking for staff.  Also, do not park at any time in front of the insurance or chiropractic offices.    We apologize for the inconvenience and lack of parking spaces available.

Arrival:                        All students must be dropped off at the cafeteria in the mornings.  Teachers and assistants will be present to monitor students in the cafeteria beginning at 7:30.  Students will be seated with their class until the serving line opens.   At 8:05, students line up to walk to their classroom to begin the school day.

Dismissal:                     Students are dismissed at the North end of the Primary School.    For safety sake, please stay in your vehicle in the line and be patient. We do not encourage you to pass another car unless the car is pulled over beside the curb and the driver is waiting for their child.  At this time, we may motion for you to drive around them.

 At “Meet the Teacher”, you were given a car tag.  Car tags need to stay in the car for the whole year.  If someone that doesn’t have a car tag is picking up your child, they will need to be listed on the Emergency Information Card and show ID to pick up your child. 

In case of emergency, we MUST have a note or phone call to the office from you giving the school permission to release your child with someone that is not listed on the card.  

Attendance:           Attendance is taken at 10:00 a.m. each day.  If your child is not in their classroom at 10:00, they will be counted absent for the day.

When your child is sick, please call 250-3935 by 10:00 a.m. and speak with our secretary, Ms. Godoy or our principal, Mrs. Smith or leave a message explaining your child’s absence.  To comply with district policy, please send a note with your child within 3 days of the absence explaining why your child was absent from school.  If we do not receive a call and note regarding the absence, you may be contacted.

If absent due to a doctor/dentist appointment, please bring a note from the doctor.

Health:                        Please do not send your child to school if she/he has a fever above 100*.  Also, students must have a note from the doctor in order to stay in from recess.

Send a coat or jacket with your children to keep in their backpacks every day.Our weather often changes during the day.


If your child needs to receive medication at school, please write the instructions down and take it directly to the school nurse.Medicine must be in the original packaging with dosage prescribed from your doctor.


Please send a change of clothes to keep at school for your child in case of accidents – spilled milk, syrup etc.If the nurse lets your child borrow clothes, please wash them and return them to school so that another student will be able to use them.


School Supplies:          These are necessary to practice the skills learned in kindergarten.  We will send a note to notify you if your child needs something replaced. 

Snack:                 We will have a snack time each afternoon and we assign students a week each month to bring snacks for our class (plan on 20).  Please be sure to provide snack on your week so that each child participates equally in sharing snack.  We will send a reminder note with suggestions and ideas for snack.

Money:                         Please put money in an envelope and put your child’s name on it with a note explaining how the money is to be used.  (Ex., field trip, picture money, book orders)

Newsletter:                 A newsletter will be sent home to make you aware of activities, events, and information your child is learning.  Please read through it and discuss it with your child.   Teachers will also be sending a calendar to keep you informed of upcoming school events.    

Books:                          We will be sending lots of books home with your child this year.  Please make sure the books are put back in your child’s backpack after reading.  Books are $5.00 each to replace if they are brought back torn up or have food spilt on them.

Toys:                           We have many things to learn with and play with at school.  Please do not send your child’s personal toys to school unless they are part of a homework project or show & tell.  This way they won’t get broken or misplaced.   Thank you for your cooperation!


Volunteers/Visitors:    Everyone must sign in with ID at the office before going to any classrooms.

Leaving Early:         ***To pick up a child early from school, please go to the office.  You will be asked to

 show ID to pick up children early.