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Katye Chapman



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This week in Sept. 10-14

  • Phonics Skills

    • consonant vowel consonant (cvc) words using the letters i, t, p, n, s, short a, l, d, f, h, g, short o, c, k, m, r, b, short e (We will not be working with any r-controlled words such as at in car, or in for, it as in first. That will not occurs until the second semester.)

    • You can practice sounding out words made from the letters above

    • In class we use these steps, example word tip:

      1. ​​Stretch it and count the sounds (make the sounds instead of saying the letter)  t-i-p, three sounds

      2. Write three spaces for the three sounds _ _ _

      3. What is my first sound? T    _ _

      4. What is my second sound? I   t i _

      5. What is my third sound? P  t i p

  • Math Skills

    • Recognizing Numbers to 120, Place Value for Numbers to 120, Picture models for Numbers to 120

  • Social Studies

    • Places in our community, making fair decisions

  • Science

    • Properties of Matter – length and mass using non-standard measurement

  • Reading

    •  Three Bears by Paul Galdone; Fairy Tales, Comprehension questions (Who, What, Where,When, Why, How, Making Predictions)



A note from teacher







*Updated Version of the Note Sent Home 9/4*

Morning Drop-Off

  • Students are tardy after 8:00 and need to be taken to the office and signed in.
  • We have computers at 8:10 and need to be done eating by 8:05. Please have them here in time to eat and leave at 8:05.
  • On Fridays we go the library at 8:00. We need to be done with breakfast at 7:55, please drop your children off accordingly.

Homework Folders

  • I finally have homework folders ready to go home. Guided Reading books will come home in them when we start guided reading. I will only send written homework if extra practice is needed on a skill or subject. * Math might be coming home soon, we will see how this week plays out. For now we will practice bringing them back and forth.

Extra Set of Clothes

  • Everyone needs an extra set of clothes in their locker. Most of you sent them and I forgot to get them out of backpacks. I am sorry about that. If you can send them back, I will make sure I get them in the right place this time. These are for accidents and spills.

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