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Katie Gilley

Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 19th from 2:00-2:45

All students need to bring a gift-wrapped story book to exchange in class. Please keep it under $5. You can find inexpensive books at Dollar General and Wal-Mart. Girls will bring books to exchange with girls, and boys will bring books to exchange with the boys.

Party Hosts:

Lakota-1 batch of UNFROSTED cupcakes

Bennett-1 batch of UNFROSTED cupcakes

Sarai- MINI marshmallows & MINI chocolate chips

Steven- 2 packs of Reese’s Pieces

Angel- 1 can of white cake frosting

Leo-2 boxes of Capri Suns

Please bring your item the morning of the party. All parents are invited to attend this event.  Students will be presenting a Reader’s Theater program followed by food, fun, and reindeer games!  We hope you can join us!


December 10-14

Reading Skills- book-Llama Llama Holiday Drama by Ana Dewdney; We will be working on describing the plot and retelling the story.

Phonics Skills- We will be working on the long u sound created by silent e, in words such as cube.

We are now working on long vowel sounds created by silent e.  We will not be doing long vowel sounds created by vowel digraphs.  We will not be working with any r-controlled words such as ar in car, or in for, ir as in first. That will not occur until second semester.

Math Skills-Addition-choosing a strategy for an addition problem, addition word problems

Practice subtraction and addition flashcards.  You can purchase inexpensive ones at any dollar stores.

Social Studies-Christmas Activities

Science- Christmas Activities

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